After 15 years of providing the highest calibre of cost management advice to the building and infrastructure construction industries, Talani has developed complementary expertise in many specialised areas of costs analysis for buildings which will enable the property owners to maximise their return during the economic lifetime of new and existing buildings.

We provide a comprehensive array of traditional and contemporary building surveying services both as a standalone service or to complement our cost consultancy and project management services.
We have a dedicated group of experienced and qualified surveyors who work in both the public and private sector through single commissions, framework agreements and term contracts. We aim to work as a collaborative team with our clients, other built environment consultants and stakeholders and look to build long term and mutually beneficial relationships.

Talani Assets is a certified channel partner of Australian based SPM Assets, a software and services company specialising in the condition assessment, analysis and long term planning in the management of property and facility assets.

Our team offers asset evaluation services for buildings and engineering services throughout the property life continuum. We enable our clients to make informed decisions about the acquisition of new facilities, optimisation of existing and expedite the sales process for disposal.

Asset registers can form the basis of asset planning, funding and tax depreciation. At Talani, we are able to compile asset data into asset registers ranging from basic to highly detailed with a great deal of granularity including bar-coding. Talani is also able to utilise propriety software to ensure robust data collection. Through our single source asset registers our clients are able to understand asset ownership, forecasting, planning, future finance requirements and replacement cost valuations.

We undertake an independent building inspection that examines the condition based issues with a property at acquisition or divestment. Our service extends from a high-level report highlighting risk to detailed inspection and reporting providing a deeper understanding of a building’s quality and condition. Through Talani’s technical due diligence service our clients gain an understanding of the commercial constraints and opportunities, forecast capital and maintenance expenditure, and operational efficiency of the property.

Talani undertakes a comprehensive, independent building inspection to assess the current condition. We are able to capture elemental data via proprietary software which may include condition, backlog maintenance, compliance, risk, disability access. We are able to present the consolidated data via web portal which can then be manipulated and aid the preparation of maintenance and capital expenditure plans and budgets. We are also able to review the current maintenance regime and make recommendations to ensure compliance with best practice. This ensures our clients benefit from a comprehensive understanding of their building or property portfolio which enables asset management decisions.

Based on our expertise in asset management and life cycle analysis, we have developed a specific understanding of the effective life, reactive maintenance and cyclical replacement requirements of a broad range of buildings in varying locations, scale and use.

Our analysis and recommendations result in an annuitized plan for funding. This service can be performed following conclusion of construction works but also as a desktop assessment to support contract management assessments or broader business case/investment planning.



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